Dame Dash Wants No Part in Brewing Beef

“I love Jay; I love Beans…what’s the reason for beef? That’s stupid.”

The saga continues and the foundation of the Dynasty that was the Roc continues to crumble from the inside. With discussion coming from all sides instead of Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel and Dame Dash all together, this is becoming more drama-filled than necessary.

Dame Dash, however, is a man who is far from embracing beef and the potential to open up old wounds and possibly expose those from his old family.

His name has popped up throughout Sigel’s ranting during a recent interview at Power 99 in Philadelphia and there have been accusations that Dash was a part of some shady business deals where he was gearing money meant for State Property clothing and using it for Roc-A-Wear.

“Him and the licensee who licensed Roc-A-Wear went behind my back and obtained the license to the company that was licensing PRO-Kids and stopped making the State Property PRO-Keds.”

Speaking with MTV, Dash has decided to step away from the troubles and although he was unable to address the allegation thrown at his front porch, he stated that all of this came out of nowhere to him.

“I was surprised. I was hurt for him, more or less, because that ain’t him. But I don’t want to speak on that Whatever [Beanie’s] going through where he’s got to do that.”

Sigel hasn’t been the only one to suffer since the break-up of Jay and Dame. Like parents getting divorced, the children that made up State Property have all been separated and forced to fend for their own, which resulted in some artists lashing back out at their parents.

“He’s probably got a lot of people around him and nobody to really tell him what’s going on. It was a different environment for Roc-A-Fella back then. I feel bad for those cats. I love those cars. I hate that they struggle. I hate it. I hate to see anybody struggle. I don’t embrace that. I’m not one of those dudes to get happy when I hear something bad about somebody I had a bond with.”

Although some may think that Dame himself was in a struggle since the fallout, he has found a way to stay above water. Linking with the Black Keys, the entrepreneur is in the process of releasing an album titled Blackroc off of his own Black roc label. Slated for release on November 27, the upcoming project will feature artists such as Jim Jones, Raekwon, Mos Def, and Q-Tip.

Sometimes when a person hits rock bottom, he/she must find a way to rise again and not sit around dwindling on the past and what was. The inability to move on from the past and those that have done you wrong is only a means to put a blockade on the future.

Source: HipHopWired