DASECA and Bugle wow fans

It was a jovial mood at the online and phone chat as DASECA and Bugle made their presence felt at the offices of Gleaner company on Tuesday.

With each member of the team at a computer, Bugle, Serani, David and Craig were bombarded by questions from fans who also exchanged jokes throughout the afternoon.

Some persons who were desperate to be made into stars, wanted to link with the DASECA trio. They asked how much it would cost to work with them and what they were looking for in an artiste.

Others were curious as to what exactly DASECA meant, David explained that the name DASECA stands for the names David, Serani, Craig in order of seniority.

Gain respect

Others wanted advice on how to be a good producer. One woman asked about the obstacles facing female producers in the music business. David told her that “a female’s obstacle is completely different from whatever obstacles we went through because from what I observe in this business the men are always trying to get with the females. And to gain respect as an equal producer is another major obstacle.” There were also many praises for all the hit songs the group had produced.

Bugle had many questions sent his way as fans wanted to know the inspiration for his soulful songs.

The singjay told his fans about a new song featuring Mavado, called Set Me Free. The women were eager to get closer to Serani and the other members of the trio and they asked about their personal lives, marriage and children.

After a humorous session online the group moved to the phone lines which were ringing off the hook. The women dominated the phone lines as they screamed for Serani and Bugle.

Memorable call

They had a fun time talking with the female fans who had crushes on all the guys. One young lady, who was a fan of Serani, couldn’t even talk when she heard her artiste’s voice as she screamed and hung up the phone.

Another girl was surprised when she got through as she said, “yuh know how long mi a try get through mi nuh know wah fi say, mi neva think mi woulda get through, I’m a big fan of Serani and Bugle!”

For an hour, young, eager females continued to call, but the most memorable call came from a lady in Miami. With a Spongebob-like laughter, the lady had the group in stitches as she spoke to Serani. “I’m calling for Serani when are you coming dis side? Oh my God I love your songs! I love She Loves Me, I …. my boyfriend off and get him upset (laughs).

Bugle is there? Oh my God, let me speak to him!…Where’s the little cutie with the braids? David I don’t forget yuh either you’re hot!”

After two hours of talking on the phone and online, DASECA and Bugle obviously had a good time with the crazy antics of some of their fans.