DAY 6: Creative Workshop Series at Allman Town Primary

Sophia Brown is mobbed for hugs, autographs.Last Friday, January 22, at the end of the creative workshop series for Allman Town Primary, the closing ceremony lasting 3 hours was a display of creative skills, new and experienced. All expressions, performing, literary and visual which included culinary were on featured, to the satisfaction of the school’s principal, parents and students.

The gratitude shown overflowed to guest performing artistes Sophia Brown, Cecile, Chris Martin, Iyah Shine who were rallied up by Solid Agency’s Christopher Campbell to assist at the last minute.


Over a two-year period principal Kandi-Lee Crooks-Smith had been appealing in the media for assistance with the ARTS training at the school, highlighting at one point that classes were being held under a tree. She often noted that the school had been operating without an art and music teacher she considered critical to the development of children. She believes that being creative is a necessary trait for success in any area. At the ceremony she said her “heart was filled with thanks” for the practical work by Anthea McGibbon, who also rallied others to assist through the OAaSIs International Foundation. Before that she had only received verbal committments.

During the programme emceed by radio personality Derrick Wilks, student drummers taught by drama teacher Omaro Mazlyn, performed the second item. Newly-discovered talent Cleshede Williams of Grade 5T, did “Strength to carry on”. The literary arts were displayed as a poem written by on the certificates of appreciation and recognition, while culinary skills were lavishly displayed by the school’s caterers.

“Colour Harmony’ a painting done by the participants in a hands-on workshop with Melhanie Spence, was given to Bank of Jamaica, collected by Sandra Moodie and Ellan Neil.

In the highly energetic closing entertainment segment, the magician held everyone spellbound in breathtaking moments of illusion. Setting a dove free from a painting of a dove, rendering the canvas all black was the trick much appreciated. Then Sophia Brown, Cecile, Chris Martin, and Iyah Shine performed their art, after enocuraging the students that while education is key, there was great value in discovering and practising their creative skill(s).

Sophia belted out Weak to You” and “Come back home”. Cecile changed pace with “Take my wings.” Chris Martin upped the tempo even more with an interactive delivery of “I’m in love with you” and a melody of his songs. Iyana Shine who barely missed the mobbing and hugging by the students did “Livity” and “Violence no Sweet” as the children were settled again for Burger king snacks.

During the day, student reporters highlighted the favourites presenters, Farenheit, Jermaine Gordon, Peter Lloyd, Melhanie Spence and the mural (painting), Reiko Nagase, Colonel Derby and of course the Kemarch “Wizad the Magician” Dodd.

The creative workshop series were hosted by the OAaSIS International foundation, founded by Anthea McGibbon teaming with over 30 artists and artistes from January 13-22.


(Whistling Frog (Sebastian Odgen)), Howard Moo Young (master at graphic design and photography, Print Xpress, Hot off the Press, Berger Paint, Burger King, Videographer Robin Chin, owner of Enhanced Realizm Studios and his team, Xclusiv Entertainment, Paralegal Dwane Forbes)


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Article by: Anthea