Einstein distances himself from studio shooting

Deejay Einstein has broken his silence about a shooting incident that occurred last Wednesday night at a popular studio in St Andrew.

The STAR understands that Einstein, whose real name is Jermaine Shaw, and another deejay, Blak Ryno (Romain Anderson), have been linked to the shooting in the parking lot of the studio.

The Half-Way Tree police took 10 persons into custody for questioning, including Blak Ryno.

Time of shooting

Similar to Blak Ryno, who on Thursday told THE STAR he was arriving at the studio at the time of the shooting, Einstein is denying that he was involved.

Einstein said he was at the studio doing dubs when he took a break to get food.After relaxing in the parking lot, Einstein said he left the scene with a friend. “I was on my way to get some seafood when I got a call and dem seh mi involve inna some shooting at di studio. Mi link call and seh bare police down there and dem a seh mi and Blak Ryno a fight,” he said.

Einstein said he headed back to the studio where he saw a number of police personnel but decided it was in his best interest to leave. Since then, Einstein said he has received numerous calls from persons talking about the incident.

“Blak Ryno is Portmore Empire and me a Alliance, so if mi deh somewhere people a go try stir up some tings. Blak Ryno a di only one inna Portmore Empire who no call up nobody name and mi a di only one inna Alliance who nah call up nobody name, but people waah know who badda, dem a try stir up a lyrical feud,” he said.

Low profile

Since the incident, Einstein said he has been keeping a low profile. When asked if he has been contacted by the police he said that he has not been answering his phone.

The deejay is adamant that he will not be going to the police without an experienced lawyer.

“From di police seh dem have info that you were at the scene yuh caan just go to di police like dat, it’s a serious allegation,” he noted. “I’m working on getting a good lawyer worse mi a entertainer who sing gun songs and worse dem believe wi into dem kinda ting.”

As for the rumoured tension between he and Blak Ryno, Einstein said there is no feud and he has never seen Blak Ryno face-to-face. He said, however, that he wouldn’t have a problem with a lyrical clash with Blak Ryno.

The police said they are continuing to probe the matter.

Source: JamaicaStar