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Etana and Lil Q Urge The Youths To “Don’t Give Up”

Reggae Star Etana has teamed up with international recording artiste Lil Q to create an extraordinary and motivational track entitled “Don’t give up”. The single which was produced by on fleek record label Stashment Production alongside Jerry Can is meant to inspire people worldwide to rise above their circumstances using hard work, patience, and resilience as their driving forces.

“I am not only here to entertain because I know the youths listen, observe and copy our actions. This song is a hit song in the making as well as a message to the at risk youths in particular because I want every youth to be rich” stated Lil Q.

According to the producer, Stasha of Stashment Production the musical chemistry shared among herself, Etana, Lil Q and Jerry Can make it easy to create an amazing-sounding song.

“Etana is a great artiste and a great person and I can say the same about Lil Q so working with them on this track was a great vibe because everyone connected naturally thus making the production process fun and effortless. And yuh done know seh from a Stashment Production ting it ago tuff and the street ago run with it” stated Stashment Production.

Currently, a music video shoot is being arranged for the single which will be done in Suriname and an official release date will be announced via all major social media platforms in the upcoming weeks.


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