Exco Levi Interview – Mighty Crown, Gappy Ranks, Album & Rasta Faith

Penthouse Records recording artiste, and two time JUNO Award Winner Exco Levi chats to Gibbo about his new mixtape “Mighty Crown Presents Exco Levi The Official Mixtape”, his new video “Everythings Gonna Be Alright” with Gappy Ranks, and a host of other topics.

Listen to the interview to find out

* How his relationship with Mighty Crown began
* Who had creative control over the mix tape
* If his debut album is finished yet, which producers will feature on it and if he feels it’s overdue.
* How relocating to Canada impacted his career
* Why “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” is so popular
* Why his music seems so sincere
* How his Rastafarian faith effects his outlook on life
* If he will be disappointed if he doesn’t scoop another JUNO Award this year
* And much more

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