G-Unit Clothing Returns

Earlier this year in February, G-Unit clothing parted ways with Mark Ecko’s Mark Ecko Enterprises, a move that decidedly had people scratching their heads despite its successful capital gains. With the split, it was reported that 50 Cent also walked away with full ownership rights.

After speculation as to where G-Unit clothing would find its new home, 50 Cent has finally made his decision; back with Mark Ecko Enterprises.

The re-launch of G-Unit clothing comes at an opportune time for 50 Cent, who took a marketing strategy class from Snoop Dogg with plans to integrate his clothing line into different ventures including his soon to be released album Before I Self Destruct, video game Blood In The Sand, tour, book, and other media outlets he partakes in.

Wearers of G-Unit clothing can expect the new line to be released with Ecko’s spring 2009 collection.