Game Announces Return To Aftermath Label, Rumors is that 50 Cent is Leaving

In light of The Game still working on his R.E.D. album, he’s making an unexpected move in the New Year.

Jayceon Taylor is going back to his roots and is officially announcing his return to Aftermath Records.

Game was previously associated with the record label founded by Dr. Dre but moved to Geffen Records in 2006 after a reported fallout between himself and the legend.


Obviously completely over the beef and ready to return home, Game made the official announcement through his Twitter page and posted a picture showing himself shirtless wearing four chains with the “A” for Aftermath emblem.

No word on whether this means he’ll be reconciling with Aftermath associate and another of Dr. Dre’s mentees 50 Cent.

Apparently, there are rumors swirling that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson isn’t sitting too well with having his enemy on the same label as him and has stated that he will not stay on the label now that the West Coast rapper is back.

It’s even been taken as far as saying that he won’t even work with Dre while Game is signed back to the team.

Now, for the record, 50 hasn’t seemed to be in a pleasant relationship with the producer for some time as the years have progressed. On Before I Self Destruct, the rapper pointed out the fact that Dre didn’t do anything when Game betrayed G-Unit on “So Disrespectful”.

It can also be noted that Dre started working with Ashanti, which was once his enemy due to her allegiance with Ja Rule.

Adding more politics, Jackson had already made the statement that he was ready to leave Interscope due to the shady business that he’s had to deal with during his music career. Yayo made that statement that himself and Banks were now free agents, so why not just round it out and lead the G-Unit movement on an independent route?

It seems that 50 may have been true in his sentiments off of his last album because it seems now like the walls are caving in from all sides with no way out. There is, however, nothing wrong with going back to step 1 and starting from scratch.