Game Wants To Sign Man That Knocked Out Suge Knight

The Game hopes to sign the man that knocked out Suge Knight in a Hollywood altercation last weekend.

The popular Compton rapper made the revelation on the Hot 97 Funkmaster Flex radio show last night.

“He’s the Knockout Kid. We was looking for him, we found him, and trying to sign him,” The Game revealed in the on-air interview.

The Game and Knight have had tense moments as well, but ended the friction a mere two days before the Death Row mogul was rendered unconscious by a right hook.

“I just think you win some, you lose some,” The Game stated. “[Suge’s] not a boxer. It’s not like he’s Muhammad Ali, and he’s been in the game and somebody finally beats you.”

Suge Knight and his Death Row Records reigned throughout the 90’s with a stable of artists that included Dr. Dre, Lady of Rage, The Dogg Pound and Snoop Dogg.

The Game said he feels that the older generation is going to have to respect the young up-and-comers.

“Suge, back in the day, he had it locked in LA. But now, your time comes and goes, and you have to respect the new breed, and now that’s me. I got L.A. locked, and 10 years from now there will be a new dude,” he explained. “Ten years from now, when I’m 40, there’s gonna be a new kid and I gotta respect that dude. Hopefully, the Knockout Kid’s little brother don’t hit me or something … or step to me. I don’t want no problems with the Knockout Kid.”

The Game stated that, while there is still a lot of talk, the KO wasn’t really a major deal in the grand scheme of things.

“I just know everybody gots a chin, and when hit in the right place, you go down,” he said.

The Game is preparing to release his third album L.A.X. (Los Angeles Times) is due in stores July 8.

The man that knocked Knight out has released a video on YouTube

Source: AllHipHop