Ginjah Never Lost His Way

ginjah 2023

Reggae star Ginjah continues to stay true to his morals despite the musical space being bombarded by violent and immoral content. The Never Lost My Way singer says he is all about positivity and progress which is why he has never felt the need to dabble into the dark side of the music.

“I am a reggae ambassador and a role model to the youths suh me nah lead them down the wrong path. Me nah bash or judge anyone who chose to sing about certain things cause I rather lead by example and In my opinion the love that my music embodies is one of the main reasons I have been around for so many years” stated Ginjah. 

 The Reggae soul singer recently opted to team up with Rapid Productions to tackle the trouble sum topic of Immigration in his latest single which is quickly becoming a staple on global playlists. 

“A nuff boat run a yard because of the likkle money mama send through Western Union and MoneyGram. People a feel it Suh me did haffi sing about it. Right now a one of the hottest reggae songs” Ginjah stated. 

The Sweet Killer singer says he teamed up with producers Rapid Production and Sart Out Records who saw his vision and added the production element. According to Rapid Production he knew the single would resonate well the moment he heard it and he also notes that Ginjah is very professional and musically gifted. 

“From me hear it me could a feel say it was going to be a hit because the vocals were great and the topic is very relevant at the moment.Ginjah is very easy to work with, dem man deh find words and melody effortlessly plus him very dedicated to the music” stated Rapid Production. 

Ginjah is currently busy promoting his Immigration single as well as putting the finishing touches to a new 17-track album as well performing at various shows in the United States. Immigration is currently out on all major digital platforms.