GTA 5 : Mission #6 – Marriage Counseling [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

Grand Theft Auto V 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough Guide in HD

This video shows how to complete all mission objectives on a single play-through, although the 100% completions are cumulative and the Gold Medal can be achieved on multiple play-throughs.

This mission was a reference to the movie “Lethal Weapon 2” where the protagonist, Martin Riggs, hooked his truck to the foundation of the building and pulled it down.

Mission N. 6 – Marriage Counseling

Characters: Michael & Franklin

Given by: Michael De Santa / Townley

Gold Medal Objectives:
● Not a Scratch – Complete with minimal damage to the Bison
● Time – Complete within 05:30
● Drive-by Killer – Kill 3 enemies whilst in a vehicle


Related Achievements Trophies:
● Solid Gold, Baby! – Earn 70 Gold Medals on Missions and Strangers and Freaks.

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