I-Octane's new single leaked, Cashflow left fuming

Speaking with THE STAR recently, Cashflow producer DJ X said the incomplete version of the song, Who Fool Dem, was released earlier this month ahead of the scheduled month end release date. He explained that the song was leaked in its ‘raw’ form, before the vocals and rhythm were properly mixed.


“It was leaked and we don’t know how it got leaked. The real version is coming out by the end of month,” he told THE STAR.

“We like our product to go out there properly mixed. We just wish people wouldn’t leak songs. It’s giving us a bad name. It does not look good on us and we make sure that our thing is properly done.”

Now that this has happened, DJ X says they will have to employ stricter measures to ensure that there is not a repeat.

“We just have to try and get the real version out as soon as possible. Like how this happen we going to keep it in the studio till it’s mixed. When it’s mixed, the artiste gets it and then it will go out to the public,” he told THE STAR, noting that the song has been uploaded on YouTube many times since being leaked.

The ‘Employer’ rhythm also features songs from other acts like Elephant Man, Chase Cross, Flexxx and Blak Ryno.

Meanwhile, Cashflow Records will also be releasing singles from DeMarco, Bramma, Erup and Nellie Roxx. They will also be releasing another rhythm called ‘Bus Stop’ with songs from acts like I-Octane, Bugle, Zamunda and Konshens.

Source: jamaica-star
Writer: Sadeke Brooks

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