Ifrica disapproves of 'Virginity'

Queen Ifrica’s song Mek Wi Grow might not have been done as a counteraction to Vybz Kartel’s Virginity, but his song is one that she certainly does not like.

“Mi hear Kartel with a song name Virginity weh mi nuh too like it. The fact that him a talk bout a likkle girl weh him tek her virginity,” Queen Ifrica told THE STAR.


“Him a talk bout two drop a blood pon her frock and madda ago beat her fi dat. Mi nuh hear no big woman weh a mek dem talk deh. Mi nuh too waan talk bout it (Kartel’s song), fi promote it neither.”

In Mek Wi Grow, Queen Ifrica sings, “No bwoy caan draw mi round no corner/ fi show mi no iguana/ low mi mek mi grow…Pinch leave an inch and roll weh yuhself…Yuh caan tek my virginity/ cause that a God precious gift to me/ If it makes you feel good to sleep wid children in yuh rampin’ shop well don’t bother worry when di lighten clap/ leave the pickney dem alone go look yuh age nuh man/ yuh better think twice before yuh tek another one.”

community work

She said she got inspiration for the song based on what she sees generally and from the community work she does, specifically. In addition, she said she is a woman and a mother, so she does not feel good about virginity.

“Yuh have some big neck man weh a prey pon dem (young girls). No man nuffi tell yuh when fi tek your virginity. Me do whole heap a community work and the women’s centre dem full,” said Queen Ifrica, who recently returned from Paris, France, where she did a music video with techno producer and artiste Bob Sinclair.

She said she is currently very busy doing many shows in the Caribbean and the United States.

As for her album, Montego Bay, she said: “It a go mad. It a go hard. It a creep up inna all the places weh mi need it fi deh.”

Source: JamaicaStar