It's back-to-studio time for Wasp

WHILE it’s back-to-school time for students, deejay Wasp acknowledges that, for him, it’s back-to-studio. The artiste, whose Unfair Officer single is still one of the most requested songs, is working on a number of music-related projects which include voicing for a few producers and establishing his own record label.


“When you say back-to-studio, that’s me,” the deejay stated. “We are cooking up some new things… crazy chef with some gourmet recipes,” Wasp said, his enthusiasm for his work clearly obvious.

The artiste is working with producers such as Daseca and Don Corleon with whom he has a great synergy. In fact, it was Don Corleon who spotted the artiste’s talent in 2007 and produced a number of songs with him that helped to make Wasp known in certain parts of the United States and Canada. According to Wasp, he was pleasantly surprised when — on working visits to Florida, California and Toronto — that the audience knew so many of his songs.

“Between 2007 and 2008 I voiced quite a few songs for Don (Corleon) and the overseas market seem to cling to them. Songs like All These Things, Step To Dem, Ano Man, Nuh Hold Back Nutten and Deh De Wid, a collaboration with me and Don, have done well for me outside of Jamaica,” Wasp explained.

Currently, he has some crazy beats from Don Corleon that he is ready to put lyrics over, but he still manages to focus on a more personal project, the setting up of his record label, Park To Park. Done in partnership with a friend from Delacree Park, the label took its name from the communities, as Wasp himself hails from Cassia Park.

“Park To Park is what we are about right now. As an artiste, it’s good to have your own little label as it can help to further your cause. You can’t depend on people to do everything for you; you have to do some things for yourself,” Wasp declared.

Wasp has come a fairly long way since copping the grand prize of the Chicken Supreme (now Island Grill) talent contest back in 1994. However, the artiste, who says he knew that he wanted to pursue music as a career while still in high school, knows that he has a much harder task ahead. And he is confident that he is prepared for the journey ahead.

“Getting a hit song is one thing, maintaining it is even more pressuring. Many artistes get a one song and you never hear of them again. Right now, me and my management team are putting in the work that is necessary to keep things on a level,” Wasp shared.

His latest single, Nutten Nah Gwaan, a combination with Daseca First Lady, Raine Seville, has been receiving favourable play while the video is increasingly in rotation on all major stations.