It's Raining Hits!

Kingston, Jamaica – Singing sensation Raine Seville recently returned to Jamaica after a whirlwind two weeks of promotion in New York, USA.

DASECA’s first lady found herself in the ‘Big Apple’ to support fellow DASECA-member Serani at the launch of his debut album No Games at the SOB club in New York. While there the singer made great strides when she met key figures in the US entertainment scene. The singer soon after hit the streets and did a number of interviews with the US media, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of many.

Raine elaborated on her time there saying, “Wow it was an amazing trip, one of my first interviews was with Tempo. They did a mini artiste feature with me so that people could get more familiar with Raine Seville. I was also the host of an episode of their weekly ‘Cross Caribbean Countdown’ – where they show the top ten hottest videos from the Caribbean – my video Slippery When Wet being one of the ten. The interviewer was pleased to tell me how honored he was to meet me because when he first saw my videos who was like, ‘who is this girl? She is amazing; I love her videos’.”

Raine will be performing at their ‘Tempo Turns 4’ celebration in Grenada this December.

Next up on Raine’s list while overseas, was an appearance on diva Nikki Z’s ‘Caribbean Vibes’ show on Irie Jamz as a part of her new artiste feature. “I also went over to New Jersey for an interview on ‘Road Block Radio’ where I was interviewed by Chiney K. That interview was great; I got the opportunity to promote some new songs like Break Away along with the known ones like Drive Me Crazy and Belly Wine. The feedback was great so many people called in complimenting me on my voice, my videos and motivating me to keep focused,” Raine explained.

From there it was on to Royale Radio with well-known Brooklyn disc jock DJ Alley Cat; it was quite the experience for the singer. She said, “I was very impressed with him because usually I give all DJs a copy of my promo CD but when I saw his play list he already had every Raine Seville track. He was like ‘girl I don’t need your CD I got all your songs, I’m a big fan’. He started out the interview by saying, ‘the first time I heard her voice on Drive Me Crazy I immediately fell in love. I called Johnny Wonder up and asked him who is this girl her voice is amazing’, and he has been following my career ever since.”

Other interviews included Right Vibes Radio and an all access feature on

The singer also managed to impress Alicia Keys’ manager, Jeff Robinson after they met. In fact, Robinson’s music partner, Sean Lashley was ready to voice the singer. However, because of time constraints, the singer returned to the island, but will be back in New York to voice and do even more press.

After a successful year, Raine has no intentions of slowing down – she has a slew of new material which will be released this Christmas and for the new year. One such single, is the new, Break Away on Chimney Records’ ‘World Premiere’ rhythm. Also coming soon is her steamy collaboration with Tony Matterhorn called Love You’re Looking For, which shows a raunchier side of the singer.

Source: Blueprint Publicity & Promotions