Jah Cure goes techno with 'Never Say Never'

Producer, Rick Warren, has remixed Jah Cure’s recent hit, Never Say Never, with a Techno flavour. The reggae version of the song was released in February of this year on the Stonehenge Riddim and was the first single of that compilation.

The Stonehenge rhythm also features artistes such as Anthony B, George Nooks, Pressure, Bryan Art, Lutan Fyah, Gyptian and Courtney John among others.

Jah Cure with his SistersNow Rick Warren has again shown his ingenuity by remixing the song. Warren reveals that the remix involves a significant amount of automation and the production is more technical that would be necessary on the reggae track.

The track for the techno version was built using Protocols. Warren says the building of a techno beat is very tedious as the finished product is focused a lot on the arrangement and less on the vocals. He says that a techno track also has a lot of other elements that would not be included on a Dancehall or Reggae track such as crescendos and filter sweeps.

“I made the electronic remix to Jah Cure’s Never Say Never to open up new doors for Reggae music. I’m trying to get fans that don’t normally listen to Reggae artistes and would probably never of heard of Jah Cure, to get a chance to listen to his music,” Warren explained.

“I think it will be well received. Even though we changed the genre of the original song to make it more appealing to dance music fans, we still kept some Reggae elements so the hardcore Reggae fans will still appreciate it,” he said.

According to Jah Cure, he is very happy that Rick decided to remix the song: “My fans in Europe don’t only listen to Reggae music they also listen to House and Techno and I think that this is just another way for me to connect with them in their space”.

The Techno remix of Never Say Never has been released online and is also getting rotation on several radio stations in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Warren says he will be releasing the song to European stations in the coming week as there have been several requests from that part of the world for the remix.

Jah Cure – Never Say Never (CLUB TECHNO MIX) – Jamplified Records by jahkno

Source: JamaicaObserver