Jay Shephard Paranoid After Surviving Gunshot To Head

jay shephard

Bahamas-based dancehall artiste Jay Shephard has released a highly-rated new single entitled “Paranoid” but not many people know that it is based on a true story. Jay Shephard penned this melodic and profound track from a very personal emotional space because according to the artiste it represents a state of mind that he had to overcome after he was shot in the head by a friend a few years ago.

“This track is not another compilation of random words with melody it is a lyrical expression of the pain I overcame and how it has shaped the way I approach people and situations now. I am confident that it will resonate with the street because it is real and true” stated Jay Shephard.

The Bahamas native describes his musical journey as being an amazing experience underpinned by breathtaking high points and depressing low points. However, according to the artiste he would not change anything about his journey because it has shaped the well-rounded artiste and person he has developed into.

“My life is like a movie but the best parts of the script have not been showcased yet so I do appreciate all the wonderful experiences within the music as well as the challenges that I have encountered because I now have a wealth of life lessons.

Currently, Jay Shephard is busy promoting his “Paranoid” single as well as making arrangements to film the accompanying music video in a matter of days.