Jay-Z Says Verse On Alleged Fat Joe, DJ Khaled Diss Is Old

Despite the hype behind a recent track leaked by Jay-Z and Uncle Murda, which many believed to be a diss to Fat Joe, DJ Khaled and Terror Squad, the verse by Jay is quite old.

On a track called “He Asked For It”, Jay is heard spitting the line: “Your off-beat deejay, if anything he play sound familiar? I’ll wait till Pharrell say, ‘Play ’em.’ Now I’ma have to diss you, Joe. You can get a smack for that. Matter fact, the gats will blow … Your toy squad will get squashed, Boy–yard dee, ya’ll be lost in the sauce partly because ya’ll boss ain’t a leader. He’s a follower. No, I’m not coppin’ ya album or your single, you likely to go copper …”

Following a recent statement by Joe who said he has no problem with Jay, Hova himself confirmed recent comments by Just Blaze who claimed the verse was old.

Via an interview with the UK’s Tim Westwood, Jay revealed that the verse is a freestyle he recorded nearly seven years ago.

“Nah, that was an old freestyle that I did six, seven years ago. DJ Khaled wasn’t even in the picture. Unless I’m clairvoyant, which I can be sometimes. DJ Khaled wasn’t even … I’m not saying that he wasn’t doing this thing, I didn’t know who he was at the time,” he said.

So, is there a beef? No, said the superstar rapper. In fact, he said that Khaled was scheduled to hit the stage with him during a recent free concert in Miami in support of Obama.

“There’s no problem there,” Jay said. “We all good.”

Source: BallerStatus


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