Jim Jones Needs A Beat From Kanye West, Or He's 'Gonna F*** Him Up'

With Jay-Z’s former business partner, Damon Dash, at his side, original Dipset member Jim Jones had fun during a recent interview with Complex. At times, it was at the expense of Kanye West.

While Dash claimed that West hasn’t liked Jay-Z since a 2003 concert in Chicago, as previously reported, Jones weighed in on why he thinks that is, all the while throwing some minor shots the producer’s way.

“Jay-Z never sells as much as Kanye. Jay-Z wishes he could sell as many records as Kanye. So he’s only beating him with terrible swag,” said Jones to the magazine. “Like over there, their swag is terrible. They having a terrible swag contest. It’s really bad over there.”

As Dash explained, Jay refused to “knight” West during the Chicago concert, which meant give the producer a Roc-A-Fella chain to induct him onto the label. So instead, Dash claims he had to step in and gave him his chain, but West wasn’t happy with Jay since.

“This n**** [Kanye ] was like, ‘Wow. [Jay-Z] ain’t going to give me the chain,'” Dash claims in the December issue of Complex. “I had to take off my chain and give it to him, and I was heated. I had the real canary diamonds. That sh** cost $40,000! I told Kanye, ‘Yo, you got to give that back when we get off this stage!'”

Jones, in the past, had some issues with Kanye. Specifically, when Kanye was rumored to have gotten upset because Jones and his Dipset brother Juelz Santana closed out the annual Summer Jam concert earlier this year.

While Jones, at the time, called West out for throwing tantrums, he says it’s was just jokes, and there is no serious issue with the producer. In fact, he says he needs a beat.

Kanye?! I like making jokes about him,” Jones responded when asked if he’d ever go at the Chicago superstar. But, Kanye is somebody you can just punch his chest, old-school style, cave his chest in and sh** like that. Like don’t ever, ever, ever talk about me again in your life! It’s just a joke to me. I’m just having fun. I heard him ranting and raving about my name and sh**. How would I look having an issue with Kanye?

“I’d love to work with him. I need a beat from him. I think that’s why I’m most mad. Matter fact, I’ma f*** you up if you don’t give me a beat,” Jones said while laughing.

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