Kartel & Deva Bratt at odds

Incarcerated deejay Deva Bratt has verbally lashed out at fellow deejay Vybz Kartel, accusing the artiste of stealing his ‘Portmore Empire’.

In February of this year Deva Bratt, real name Sheldon Smith, was taken into custody in connection with an alleged case of carnal abuse, committed against a 14-year-old girl. He was picked up by police from his home in Westchester, Portmore.

After being given bail for this incident the deejay was accused of raping another girl. He was again taken in custody and the two cases are still before the court.

Felt betrayed and belittled

In an interview published yesterday on the popular website, Deva Bratt who spoke from the Greater Portmore police lock-up claimed that he felt betrayed and belittled. He said that he has been left to rot in jail by fellow deejay Vybz Kartel.

He is quoted as saying; “… A hear mi hear Kartel a seh mi not in (Portmore) Empire, but mi neva tek dat serious, cause me a think how mi fi get kick out a Empire when I am Empire? Is me start Empire years ago; yes Kartel buss di ting bigger, but how yuh fi go behind di founder back an register company in your name one?”

Get kick out

He continued; “…him go announce seh me get kick out, and now a throw word against him fren who inna jail? An yuh wonder why dem call him Judas?”

The artiste also said that Kartel along with Munga ‘Honourebel’ have lyrically thrown words at him with Munga referring to him as a ‘pedophile.’ Bratt pointed to Kartel’s Never Tun A Raper on the Stimulant Rhythm as lashing out at him.

The song states, “when yuh see di gal dem, nuh hold down/ low har nuh/ nuh drape up/ let har go/ nuh bodda fi… I coulda neva tun a rapah/ bun a rapah … mi nuh tek if yuh nuh gimme though… swear to God mi nah go a court pan no rape charge … ”

Registered trademark

THE STAR was unable to get in touch with Vybz Kartel, however in a release sent to us from his publicist, the deejay is quoted as saying, “the Portmore Empire is a registered trademark of Adidjaheim Records and was registered almost two years ago with the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO). All Portmore Empire artistes are signed to Adidjaheim Records, and only signed artistes are allowed certain privileges or afforded access to certain resources as it relates to expenditures or liabilities incurred by said artistes.”

The release further stated that the Portmore Empire does not associate itself with anyone who is involved with any case of carnal abuse or exploitation of women.

In the meantime, Deva Bratt in his interview said that his lawyers are working on getting bail and he was hoping to be released by Christmas.

‘Portmore Empire does not associate itself with anyone who is involved with any case of carnal abuse or exploitation of women’

Source: JamaicaStar