Katt Williams Talks Living With Prostitutes at 13

Katt Williams sat down with Don “Magic” Juan, where he spoke about the death of legendary singer-songwriter Bobby Womack. The famed comedian says that while Bobby didn’t get the pay and perks like other big artists of his time, his large collection of music is a testament to his greatness.

When asked about his childhood experiences and running away from Dayton, Ohio at thirteen, Katt says that he met up with crackheads who showed him the downfall of drugs. He also speaks about how prostitutes that he lived with when he was seventeen taught him how to be a better man by speaking openly about the things they didn’t like about men.

Katt emphasizes that he doesn’t speak about his past very often and doesn’t want teens to get the idea that what he did is cool, but he says it shows how the streets took care of him at a vulnerable time.