Kiprich denies 'war' with Kapri

Can there be a one-sided feud? Dancehall artiste Kiprich seems to think so. According to the deejay, the so-called feud that is brewing between him and newcomer Kapri is wholly one-sided.

Kapri, real name Dwayne Wallace, struck out lyrically at fellow artiste Kiprich in the song Strike Back which is gaining popularity in the dancehall. In the song, Kapri accuses Kiprich of performing taboo sexual acts and criticises Kiprich’s decision to join the lyrical war between Bounty Killer and Monster Empire.

In the song Kapri deejays:

“yuh shouldn’t diss the trod, the balance a my dad/ is like yuh want a …. . Yuh dip inna (Bounty) Killer argument like yuh a …. . Mi nah fi call yuh name fi get a hype mi done a do mi ting … but yuh nuh bad like Aidonia, Addi or Kapri so how di …. yuh fi be Bounty yute.”

Kapri said he did the song because Kiprich recorded a cover version of One Republic’s Apologise five months after Turbulence recorded the same song. This, he said, was wrong and violated the dancehall code. He said he recorded Strike Back in defence of Turbulence, whom he refers to as his ‘father’.

Lyrical war

At the time of recording, Kapri said he was upset but he does not want the song to move beyond a lyrical war. Kapri believes Kiprich is upset and claims that he may have received a threatening phone call from Kiprich or someone associated with him.

“Him link mi and seh wi a rooks. Him a seh ‘Jah know star, it can get out of hand’. Him tek it personal and a seh ‘how man fi call him name inna song’,” said Kapri.

“But if you a control your thing, how it fi get out of hand? A straight love same way inna di dancehall,” he added.

Finishing touches

Kapri said he was surprised that Kiprich had not responded to the song. But while he waits for a response, he is putting the finishing touches on his latest jab, Running Scared, which is also aimed at Kiprich.

It says: “Mi nuh expect him fi ansa back mi song/ my flow dem a di sweetest but di song weh yuh voice pon Scatta rhythm was de weakest/ Garden and Rose Town have my interest/ Inna Jungle 12 mi invest/ Gwaan go try producing if a music a yuh interest.”

However, Kiprich tells another tale. When THE STAR contacted the artiste he was surprised that Kapri was making a big deal out of nothing.

“Mi nuh understand wha a gwaan, mi nuh know di yute, when mi hear bout dis mi call him (Kapri) and him talk seh mi ‘dis’ Turbulence,” Kiprich said.

According to Kiprich, he spoke with Turbulence, whom he refers to as his ‘brother’, and Turbulence did not understand what insult Kapri was talking about. Kiprich told THE STAR that he has never recorded a song or a 45 called Apologise. He has only ‘flipped’ the lyrics for the song on stage on one occasion.

“This yute a look a hype an a di same ting Turbulence seh too. Me and di yute talk wid no form of vibes, him seh is a misunderstanding. How him a gwaan wid dis? … mi nuh like dis … dis a real joke ting just so yuh name call inna di business. A him alone a fight da war yah … More time a man mus try write songs and stop look hype offa people,” Kiprich said.

Kiprich also denied that he or anyone close to him threatened Kapri.