KipRich ruffles deejays’ feathers with Talk

DJ KipRich is known for his no-holds-barred approach to deejaying, where he uses witty one-liners and heavy doses of sarcasm to document the various goings-ons with artistes in the local music industry.

His latest single, Talk, which makes fun of various entertainers, is getting s lot of buzz all over FM radio. A snippet of the hard-hitting lyrics goes: the Teacha go circle the Embassy/and say, wait, oonu nuh memba mi/look how mi change all mi colour fi please oonu, till all people say Russian fava me.

“Well, the response to the song has been incredible, when mi deejay it anywhere, a just crazy forward. The other day, mi do it for Laing (Isaiah) stage show inna Belfield and the girl dem beat down the stage continuously. People love it, everybody have dem favourite part: whether is the Beenie part, Kartel part or the ‘energy god’ part. The song just ah go hard, it have a little ting fi everybody,” he said in a release.

KipRich performed at a community stage show in Belfield, St Mary two weekends ago and over the Independence weekend.

He will also be headlining a stage show in Guyana on August 24.

“Based on the feedback from the Talk song, we’re getting calls from Canada, St Vincent, Antigua, and England,” KipRich’s manager said in a release.

He, like his mentor Elephant Man, is a member of The Alliance. He first scored a hit with Leggo Di Bwoi; later followed by Mad Sick Head No Good together with fellow deejay Predator. Also, he wrote the lyrics for Elephant Man’s Jook Gal, whose remix together with himself, Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz entered the charts in 2003. His latest and greatest hit so far was Telephone Ting followed by The Letter.


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