KipRich says … I wasn't paid to clash at Sting 2009

The clash between General B and KipRich was the only one that took place on Sting this year but neither artiste said he was paid to clash.

“Mi is not jus an artiste, mi is a sting fan so mi go deh from early fi ketch di show. Mi did tell dem seh I wasn’t going to clash so dem neva plan nor pay mi fi clash. But mi could a feel di vibes an all hear how di crowd a deal wit di MC so mi know dem did hungry fi a clash,” explained KipRich.


His adversary on the night, General B, confirmed his testament, saying that he was caught unprepared and described the incident as an invasion of his performance set.

“Dis yute (KipRich) no get a dolla fi clash an run come pon man set so mi neva prepare fi a clash, but mi nuh run from no bway,” said Monster Empire’s General B.

attire for battle

Although some contend that the young artiste was already prepared and in attire for battle, KipRich maintains that his decision went beyond money or even wanting to clash with General B, but was a move to ensure there was a clash at Sting this year.

“Never inna my life mi see a Sting with no clash … mi na lie, da year yah did need a energy, an people who come Sting fi see lyrical battle, so money or no money mi do it fi di people dem,” said KipRich.

Although Sting boss, Isaiah Laing, confirmed that neither artiste was billed or paid to clash, he also highlighted that four artistes that were promoted were indeed paid to clash this year.

“Those two (KipRich and General B) did not enter a plan with me to clash, but the four artistes that were promoted to clash were paid to do so, despite their decision to not clash … due to the prime minister and others speaking out recently. The climate was not one for clashes so I will not pursue the matter of any of the artiste that did not clash despite receiving payment,” said Laing.

Source: JamaicaStar
Photo: Giovanni Powell/ IMGwire