Konshens Talks For The First Time Since Brother Delus’ Death

Dancehall recording artiste Konshens post for the first time since brother Delus’ death!

Delus, real name Delmark Spence’s body was discovered on Wednesday afternoon in a bathroom at his home in Kingston after he allegedly shot himself.

On Thursday, Konshens, real name Garfield Spence posted a video of himself and Delus in a car on social media.

No know how mi aggo do dis without u dawg. But mi aggo do it cah u love see mi a do it. We can always say u neva affi do dat, but mi prefer seh mi wish u neva affi do dat. Mi know you, if it was so heavy that u think u needed to quit then fuck it dawg. REST and rest easy to. I will pick up the pieces one way or another an u know who cyaa suffer already from me have breath she good. Mi know u pre alla dat before u mek u move bcuz u was never a coward or a pussy an mi sure u believe inna me to di max. Mi have NO blame fi anybody or anything that sent you over the edge and me a share dis wid di world cah mi nah hide an bawl mi a bawl loud cah mi hurt deep an mi will always profess mi love and respect fi u proudly. Not even one day gone an mi affi a jump pan plane a go a work right now pan toppa all dis but bredda mi eye full a water an mi jus happy u escape whatever did a torment u fi so fucking long. I know… Whether on the highest mountain peak or the lowest point in the deepest valley a man needs inner peace!! And we must never underestimate the power of it. Thank u fi dah last par yah bro. Thanks fi all the condolences. Will tell unnu how funeral arrangements go.

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