Ludacris Hits The 'Theater' For New Album

Ludacris is set to release his sixth album, “Theater of the Mind,” in September via Def Jam, the rapper tells He has been prepping the set while shooting for the upcoming flick “Max Payne.”

Calling the album a collection of his experiences up to this point, Ludacris promises that “Theater” will be film-worthy. “Expect the whole album [to be] theatrical,” he says. Though he hasn’t yet chosen a first single, he says that a track should drop by June or July.

Ludacris revealed the title of one track, “Let’s Stay Together,” produced by DJ Paul of Three6 Mafia. Other producers making contributions to the new album include Dre & Vidal, 9th wonder, Ice Drake and DJ Don Cannon…

The rapper is squeezing in studio time between film shoots in Toronto, Canada, for the big screen adaptation of popular Rockstar video game “Max Payne.” He plays NYPD Deputy Police Chief Jim Bravura in the film, which co-stars Mark Wahlberg. Ludacris adds that he’s really excited about his part as Roman in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film “RocknRolla,” slated for October 31. That film also stars Thandie Newton and Jeremy Piven.

“It’s about how the Russian mob came to Europe and took over,” says Ludacris. “Then there’s another film at the Tribeca Film Festival called ‘Balls Don’t Lie’ with myself and Isaiah Washington about a kid that goes to an orphanage but is very talented in basketball. It’s about how foster kids go in and out of families.”

Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace Entertainment recently partnered with MegaMobile TV for a joint venture social networking site called, which has racked up 200,000 users to date. His 2006 LP, “Release Therapy,” has sold 1.2 million units in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.