Macka gets Royal

Macka Diamond

Macka Diamond is one of several dancehall artistes who have added acting to their portfolio. The ‘Money Goddess’ has landed a role in the 26th season of the Jamaican soap opera Royal Palm Estate.

She started filming for the role on Tuesday. She plays the ‘babymother’ of the character Gene Parrot, who is a delinquent father. Their child is about to enter high school in the United States. Macka came to Jamaica to get some documents signed and get child support that she has not received over the years.

“Mi like mi character. I like how I didn’t go on it as Macka Diamond. I was portraying a normal person. But dem neva lef’ out the money though,” said Macka Diamond.

However, she believes it is definitely sad that some men do not support their children. She says, people should encourage these delinquent fathers to take care of their children or offer them some form of counselling.

She says her first day of filming was rather exciting. She says she has always had an interest in acting from as early as her high school years when she participated in drama.

“I didn’t really study the script, I just went through it one time. It came out natural ’cause it is things that I would say. I just add in my own natural vibe,” she said.

Producer of Royal Palm Estate, Lennie Little-White, agrees that Macka was easy to work with.

“She was lively and she came prepared. It was a very good performance and she interpreted the role well. She did it in the Macka Diamond style and she was very convincing,” said Little-White. “I think the people will like her. She has a certain kind of magnetism and appeal that goes across certain groups.”

Other guest stars

She is not the only popular Jamaican who will appear on the show this season. D’Angel, Peter Lloyd, Dr Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart, Reneto Adams and Angel Shalome were also confirmed. In season 27, Vybz Kartel, Da’Ville, CéCile and Danny Champagnie will make appearances.

Little-White says he apologise for the long absence of the show. However, this was out of his control as the station on which the show used to be aired changed ownership.

“It took a little while to iron out the new arrangements. We apologise to the public and hopefully we will make up for it,” he said.

Source: JamaicaStar