Maino Confirms Rumors Of Smacking Yung Berg

Rumors surfaced on several website this week claiming that an altercation took place between New York rapper Maino and Yung Berg at a nightclub in New York, which ended with Berg getting slapped.

While it was just hearsay, Maino has spoken out about the situation (via a recent interview with radio host Jenny Boom Boom on 93.7 in Connecticut), confirming the rumors. However, he clarified that the incident actually took place in Atlanta, not New York.

“The answer is yes and no,” Maino responded when asked directly if he smacked Yung Berg. “I did smack him, but it was in a club in Atlanta. I’m in Atlanta.”

According to Maino, Berg confronted him about rumors that he was talking about him behind his back. When he heard the question, the rapper said was immediately surprised because the pair had been touring together for weeks throughout the summer.

Instead of causing a brawl, Maino says he’s just checked him to put him in his place.

“Yea, he was a little disrespectful, so I just tried to clean him up a little bit, and just give him a little togetherness. That’s all,” said Maino.

“[Yung Berg] approached me and said to me ‘Yo, I heard you were talking reckless about me.’ I said ‘What?’ He said ‘Yea, I heard you was talking reckless about me.’ So, his body language and his mannerisms led me to believe he was being disrespectful to me, so I slapped him. That’s all I did to him,” he continued.

Maino emphasized that the single blow was all that happened, though, further explaining that he was just surprised that Berg approached him in that fashion.

“Talking reckless about you? What you talking about? I shouldn’t be questioned by nobody,” the rapper explained. “Like, if you got a question for me, ask me in a way where we can talk about it. Don’t fan out on me and approach me like it’s a problem. I did God’s work, I just disciplined him a little.”

Maino recently said, during an interview, that he planned to turn over a new leaf, and leave the beef and controversy alone to focus strictly on music. While the incident seems to contradict his previous comments, he says he really had no other option but to react the way he did.

“I’m not here for all the little controversy to be wrestling with R&B/rap singers. I’m a man before anything, so if somebody in a club and somebody approach me in a disrespectful manner, what are you supposed to do? I don’t know how to handle it no other kind of way,” he says.

Still, despite the smack, he says that still has love for Yung Berg, and even revealed that Berg’s camp has since called to apologize.

“He kept his jewelry, everything is cool. Things could have been worse for him,” Maino explained. “… I still like this kid. I think he a good kid. I just think he has the wrong direction, the wrong people around him. You don’t walk up to a man like that unless you already have intentions of it going somewhere.

“Shout out to his people for apologizing. Apology accepted. You should not address people in that kind of manner. That’s all.”

Source: BallerStatus

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