Mavado On Co-Starring In Drake's 'Find Your Love' Video

Dancehall artist Mavado is one bad dude. In the Anthony Mandler-directed clip for Drake’s latest single, “Find Your Love,” the singer delivers on his promise of a threat against Drizzy, who was warned to stay away from the Boss’ lady. As a result, Drake pays the ultimate price for his decision to move forward with his romantic pursuit of Mavado’s leading lady (or does he? The ending of the video is left open). But when the cameras are off, Movado says he Drake are good friends.


“Me and Drake were friends for quite some time now,” Mavado told MTV News on Tuesday (May 11). “He ended up coming to Jamaica together with me while I was finishing my album. And he said, ‘Yo, I want to do this in Jamaica.’ The video with me and Drake, it’s a bit different, but trust me, it’s very perfect. I’m loving that video.”

Mavado’s character in “Find Your Love,” Puffy, is first introduced in the video at Kingston’s landmark Asylum Club, although it’s called “The Building” in the clip. Mavado said that’s just one of the ideas he brought to the table for the dramatic clip.

“They came up with the script and I knew what they really wanted,” he said. “Me and my man, we’re in Jamaica and I’m on the ‘Gully Side,’ so I know just the perfect spot.”

Contrary to the storyline in the video, which ends with Drake’s capture by some of the island’s most notorious thugs — a.k.a. “dogs” — Mavado said his people had nothing but love for the Canadian. “It’s a good vibe on the ‘Gully Side’ and the part where I’m from, the people love him there.”

Last month during his Away From Home Tour, Drake echoed Mavado’s words “We went to this ‘hood. They call it the ‘gully’ side’ ” Drake said. “It’s bad out there, real bad. They had ‘Young Money’ sprayed on the gates, ‘Drake and Wayne,’ ’cause I came to shoot the video out there. I’m talking about you drive by people’s homes, they had ‘Drake,’ ‘Young Money,’ ‘Drake, Welcome Here,’ ‘Drake We Love You’ — crazy sh–, man. It was so crazy. This dude was like, ‘Original Weezy tha God! You tha boss! Weezy tha God!’ It’s crazy. They love us, ’cause we show love out there.”

According to Mavado, the collaboration on “Find Your Love” is just the first offering between the pair, and fans should expect more to come.

“Me and Drake, we already been talking about it but you know, Drake is on his tour doing his thing. But I guess when it’s the right time, it’s going to happen. I believe it’s soon. I’m supposed to do a remix for that song.”

Source: MTV