Mavado, Vybz Kartel 'dub up' Dream Weekend

With the Red Stripe Dream Weekend coming up on Independence weekend, two of the island’s top entertainers, Mavado and Vybz Kartel – representing the Gullyside and the Gaza respectively – have voiced dub-plates talking up the party weekend.

Mavado has two dubs on the rhythms to Dem Alone and Mockingbird out on the street promoting Absinthe, Beer Vibes, Twisted Spiritz, Xtreme Wet ‘n’ Wild, Smirnoff Exclusive, among the parties making up the Dream Weekend set for August 6 to 9.

Similarly Vybz Kartel, through his dubs, promotes the parties that will have thousands of Jamaicans making the trek to Negril for the Independence weekend to immerse themselves in 96-hour party-fest.

The concept is proving to be very successful. Matthew, a disc jockey on Coppershot, one of the most popular sound systems in Jamaica today, describes it as a very innovative concept. The entertainers, he explains, splice their popular songs and insert information about the Dream Weekend and the promoters into the lyrics.

“The response has been crazy. Anytime we play it ‘we pull it up’,” he said, adding that people have been requesting copies and wanting to make the dubs their ringtones. “People want to hear it again.”

DJ Rush, a member of Code Red, another of the sound systems playing during the Dream Weekend, said the dubs were a creative collaboration between the promoters, the DJs and Red Stripe. He reveals the dubs were done because the Dream Weekend DJs have so much confidence in the weekend package they wanted to aggressively take the word to the people.

“Basically, we’re putting it out there that this is a package for everybody,” he said. “And once you say the people, you say Gaza and you say Gully.”

Rush said the Dream Weekend has become so popular recently that while playing at a party and he said the word “Dream” and the place erupted. “These days when you say ‘Dream’ the place bus’,” he said.

Source: JamaicaObserver