Mavado's manger reclaims stolen goods

Mavado’s manager Julian Jones-Griffith on Tuesday had his laptop and cellular phone returned, after he was robbed over the weekend while in Canada.

As previously reported in THE STAR on Sunday, reports surfaced on the Internet that Mavado, while on tour in Canada with Stacious, had been robbed at a recording studio. Jones-Griffith later dismissed the rumours saying that it was his laptop and phone that had been taken and Mavado was not present at the time.


Yesterday, when THE STAR spoke with Jones-Griffith, he explained the incident. He said: “I didn’t want to say what really happened until I got back my things. It was some little wannabe rapper dude who came to the studio to meet with Mavado and got upset when he walked in and didn’t say hello to them. Then they wanted to meet me and came outside to the truck and were begging me to look on their website but I was working on my laptop so the dude got frustrated and started telling me we were in his city, and pop off a gun. He was like ‘yo, I said log on to my website’ And I was like, ‘wah kinda gunman this a stick me up fi look pon him website’.”

According to Jones-Griffith he remained calm during the incident after which the culprits got upset and made off with his phone and laptop. Jones-Griffith said, “they felt punked and just wanted to prove a point but they got some phone calls from some associates of mine and returned the laptop and phones to a friend of mine. Anyway, a bait dem bait up demself because I ended up logging on to their website and lo and behold there were several photos of the dude who popped off the gun.”

Jones-Griffith and Mavado are currently back in Jamaica until this weekend when the Gully Squad will be in Florida for a show.