Merciless answers Bounty Killer's call

After Bounty Killer sent out the warning for Sting, set for this Saturday at Jamworld in Portmore, it seems that deejay Merciless has answered the call.

According to a release sent to THE STAR, Merciless is ready to rise to the challenge at Sting and slaughter anything in sight.

It was only last year that Merciless went on the attack after a brief hiatus from the business, striding on the Sting stage in his general gear and declaring to the delight of fans, “Howdy, how the battlefield look so crowdy.”

While his call for lyrical war went unanswered last year, it seems this Sting, Merciless is ready and waiting for all challengers. In the release, the deejay said, “I am ready to take on the Killa at Sting but I am not sure he is up to the challenge since it come in like him turn into Mavado backup artiste now.”

It was only last week that Bounty Killer, through various media, announced that he was on the warpath and was quoted as saying: “Warlord on the attack again, full suit a black again, nuh body nuh badda dan we, Alliance wi name, all a dem a mi pickney dem.”

And in THE WEEKEND STAR, Sting Boss Isaiah Laing hinted at a possible four-way clash similar to the 2002 clash of Merciless, Ninja Man, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. This time the clash would be among Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Merciless and Mavado.

Laing said in the release: “The battlefield is going to get very dusty, I am not sure if any of the challengers will be able to walk away without crutches, this is getting very serious.”

Source: JamaicaStar