Mr. Lexx calls out Bounty Killer again


Prominent Dancehall artiste, Mr. Lexx has once again called out long-time nemesis, Bounty Killer; adding more juice to rivalry that dates back to the early 2000s.

Mr. Lexx recently gave an interview to the Lauren O Lauren show on Flow TV; expressing his thoughts on various topics, including the root of his rivalry with Bounty Killer. Their rivalry made headlines earlier this year following a highly-publicized Twitter war; exchanging heated words after Mr. Lexx made a statement that disc jocks are discriminating against certain artistes regarding airplay.

Mr. Lexx conceded that the rivalry did hamper his career somewhat given Bounty’s strong influence and presence within the Dancehall industry. According to the Swag Diggydeejay, he always had respect for Bounty Killer and never tried to call out Bounty Killer. However, Mr. Lexx believes that once he burst onto the scene with singles such as Full Hundred amongst others, Bounty Killer felt threatened by his talent.

“Even though I put this behind me, all I that I think came from the mere fact that I’m so talented and I was a threat to him and whoever was running the business at the time,” he said.

“The waves that I create, he felt threatened and he came at me,” he continued.

Additionally, Mr. Lexx claimed that many of Bounty Killer’s past girlfriends were deeply in love with him; accusing the “Grung Gaad” of choosing the wrong types of women.

Him always love the sketel dem…Him just dunce, jealous and badmind….Him no have no class fi get di get di hot girls, di real girl dem,”he said.

Furthermore, Mr. Lexx accused Bounty Killer of practicing oral sex on women; an accusation the Galactic Gallis deejay made during their Twitter war.

“Him a do all a di same sommen dem weh him used to cuss me for,” he said.

“Come on man, let’s not be hypocrites here. How him fi cuss mi seh me go down pon girl and him deh a do di same ting. Are you kidding me?”

Meanwhile, when Lauren O Lauren show host, Lauren Dunn asked him about his 2009 rape trial, Mr. Lexx expressed regret for the fallout that resulted from the case.

“That is so embarrassing and so painful to talk about…Thank God that it’s behind me. Thanks to all those who supported me and stood in my corner. Any embarrassment I caused my kids…any form of hurt I caused my family, I apologize to you guys. I apologize to both families.”

Mr. Lexx’s most recent singles include Gi Dem Problem on the Arabian Nights Riddim and Dem A Wife on the BBQ Riddim.



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