Ms Triniti shoots video 'I Love the DJ'

Ms Triniti has shot the video for her current single and title track for her fifth album released in Japan entitled I love the DJ.

Video Director Rudolpho Zalez, of Royalty Production, a US-based video production company, promises an eye-catching video that will showcase some sexy, hip-gyrating and trendy dance moves from Ms Triniti herself and popular dancers like Dance Xpressions and Sponge Bob.


The single, hosted by Geefus of Stone Love, speaks of Ms Triniti’s love for a DJ and the video concept totally depicts the song. A bonfire with Dancers dancing around in a ring is a main feature in one of the scenes, shot on location at the Cable Hut Beach, Bull Bay. Ms Triniti was scheduled to perform on the Ice Cream and Chocolate Festival in Mandeville last month May 23rd. But due to due to threats of heavy rains and thunder storms, it was postponed until August 2, 2009.

Source: JamaicaStar