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An evening with Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds on Saturday November 13 at the National Indoor Sports Centre was indeed an evening well spent for all those who were in attendance. What was expected to be a jam-packed venue did not disappoint with just a few empty chairs the venue was filled with couples and single ladies and men in search of love and some good music. The night was hosted by the well dressed and poised Headline Entertainment boss lady and started on time to the surprise to many in attendance.

Babyface - Concert

The evening got off to a high energy performance by the Silver Bird steel band that energized the venue with body moving and eye stimulating hip movements and gave the crowd a visual ecstasy pill for what was expected to have continued to be the best of nights, an evening all gathered to celebrate with international charitable organization United Way there 25years of service. The females in the audience were thrilled for their entire set. The evening become more poetic when the men of the dub poet group

No-maddz become the next act presented onstage a group of men gift wrapped for all the females in attendance as they spoke the word that gave pleasure to the ears of the audience and with the ‘choreography’ performed by group member Chris Gordon women were begging for more as they performed hits from there now released album and the night could not be over without No-Madzz performing there new hit single from the album “Take you there” at an event like this.

The earth shook and the doors open dramatically for one woman as she described it when asked what she felt during the first two performances of the night as she awaited highly anticipated acts Diana King and Babyface. When the crowed settled after a short intermission for a band change the King Singa herself graced the stage of the Indoor Sports Centre dressing in a form fitting black dress and rocked her soles (barfeet) as she belted out old hits like Shy Guy, Say a Little Prayer and others for the highly energized crowed that swarmed the front of the stage upon her appearance on stage. King, was highly energetic and playful during her performance as she sang and played with her fans throughout her set and was even called back for an encore performance where she did belt out more hits after hit to the much delight of her fans.

With the crowd in high gear it was the big headliner Babyface that closed the show at well past the expected time dressed in his usual suit the man of love gave the ladies hits as he performed with his family sitting on side stage, Babyface thrilled the crowd and has the women wrapped around every melodic word he uttered inside the venue. The evening was well spent and indeed and rightfully dubbed “Kingston’s Mini Jazz Festival”

Article By: Kemar Daswell

Diana King - Concert

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