Nate Dogg Re-Learning Basic Movements After Strokes, Says Warren G

In late 2007 and 2008, legendary west coast crooner Nate Dogg suffered two strokes that left him bound to a wheelchair. However, since then, not much is known about his condition.

In a recent interview with HardKnock.TV, longtime collaborator Warren G said the singer is recovering well after undergoing therapy.


“He’s in therapy getting himself together, that’s all I can tell people,” the rapper said. “I see him any and every time I want to. It’s hard when you have somebody that got two strokes, usually the person don’t make it. But he’s strong. He’s getting good therapy and he’s pulling out of it.”

Nate’s multiple stokes — on in December 2007, and another in September 2008 — left partially paralyzed and breathing through a tube. Through therapy though, he’s been re-learning basic movements. Warren G says he’s progressing and was recently able to lift his head on his own.

“It’s hard when you first have a stroke, you got to learn everything over again,” Warren G explained. “It’s like you’re a baby again. You gotta learn everything.”

Get well Nate Dogg! Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Source: BallerStatus