No 'Beenie, Cure' for Portland Splash

Reggae enthusiasts from across the island turned out in their numbers for the much anticipated return of Portland Splash on Saturday, when Louie Culture and his ‘gangalee’ team rolled out the 2008 promotion at Somerset Falls in west Portland.

The package featured the ‘buss’ of five-year-old ‘Baby Trish’ who was introduce by Queen Ifrica. The little dynamo had the adoring crowd, which packed into the show ground, fully satisfied with her delivery.

Patrons were treated to solid gold vintage memories from Errol Dunkley, Leroy Gibbon and Cocoa T, who had the crowd eating out of his hands in an interactive encore session.

The early morning festival went into high gear after the 25 minutes stage break where, upon resumption at 4:10 a.m., the home ground Rhythm 2000 band continued to be equal to the task in carrying the entire show

Maintaining the unwritten theme of the night’s programme, artiste after artiste who took the stage had their own input and the outright repudiation of same sex relationships. ‘Fire’ was the call.

The show, which was fairly well supported, also saw top performances from Capleton, Fantan Mojah who had a few choice words for Risto Benji.

Hometown kid ‘Bling Dawg’ got a chance to promote his new entrepreneurial endeavour, his barber shop.

Slightly overstayed

Macka Diamond, who after she had invited a patron to remove her cover jacket revealing not much more that remained, was soon joined onstage by her sidekick, Black-er.

No doubt the ever conscious I Wayne brought some sobriety to the event, but many felt he slightly overstayed his time. He was followed by Louis Culture.

If you had any doubts about who ran things up to that point, the appearance of the Gangalee on stage left very little doubt in the minds of those who were unsure.

This was at the dawn of Sunday morning, and nobody was leaving the venue.

As the skies lightened up and streaks of daylight was on the horizon, on came Sizzla and the crowd went wild.

The 22 minutes presentation was interspersed with input from Louis Culture and Capleton.

When it was becoming obvious that the show was coming to its climax and neither ‘Beenie’ or ‘Jah Cure’ were likely to take the stage, Louis Culture announced:

“I got their word, I don’t know what happen, the two a dem gi mi dem commitment, sorry mi people, sorry ..” after appealing to the officers present – who themselves had had enough.

At 6: 17 a.m. a final hand was waved and then the rains came.