Nomaddz Trod Continues

The Trod Dec 26

It’s without a doubt that the Jamaican dub-poet group Nomaddz has captivated international audiences with their prolific style and sounds and continues to create international waves as their fan base grows. Now with an album under their belt and endorsement from international sporting apparel company PUMA, the group is set for great things. Nomaddz a four member band that started at the noble Kingston College is now one of the islands most sought after group as everyone wants a piece of the nomadic spirit and sound. As mentioned several times to know just who Nomaddz is you must and just have to see them perform live, as they transform on stage into something truly magnificent.

Last year they started “The Trod” and this year will be no different as on December 26 the group will update their fans on their musical progress at 56 Hope Road when “The Trod Continues” the show will also play as Earth celebration for one of its members Everaldo Creary , and with a contribution of $2,000 or $1000(students with ID). The nomadic spirit can be yours for the holiday season and beyond.


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