Music Video

Notis & Iba Mahr – Diamond Sox (Official Music Video)

Jay Will directs a longform video inspired by Notis & Iba Mahr‘s modern dancehall classic “Diamond Sox.” In this tribute to dancehall culture, we see a humble youth named “Tuff” on a mission to deliver a crucial dubplate to Bass Odyssey in time for the big dance, and to make his dreams come true. Featuring a cameo appearance by reggae legend Max Romeo and Everaldo Creary from Nomadz.

Diamond Sox
Notis & Iba Mahr
Director: Jay Will (Game Over)
Producer: Tashara Johnson
DP: Benjamin Zecher
Editor: Twain Richardson (FrameOfReference)
Notis Records

Special Thanks to:
Everaldo Creary (Nomadz), Max Romeo, Worm, Tuff Clothing, Alison Zion Ites Morgan, Bass Odyssey and the people of Linestead and Bog Walk who all made it happen.