Police want Poor and Boasy

Oh Oh, Poor and Boasy is a wanted man!

Poor and Boasy, real name Omar Johnson, has found himself on the wrong side of the law, as he is accused of being involved in a stabbing incident which occurred last week.

THE WEEKEND STAR has learnt that Johnson is now wanted in connection with the stabbing of Lindon Clarke, a resident of Aenon Town, Clarendon, where the incident allegedly occurred.

Checks with the Spaldings police confirmed that a report was made on Saturday, after which an effort was made to nab Johnson.

A policeman said Johnson was expected to attend a dance which was being held in Spaldings, also in the parish.


The efforts of the police were, however, thwarted, as Johnson reportedly did not turn up.

Corporate Area police stations have since been briefed, the policeman added.

Clarke, who contacted THE WEEKEND STAR, said he was stabbed about 1 a.m. last Friday, while at the Miss Aenon Town contest at the Aenon Town All-Age School.

While playing a game of cards, Clarke said he got into a heated argument with Poor and Boasy.

“First him seh ‘a wah do yuh country bwoy?’ and mi ask him if him feel seh town mek anybody a bad man,” Clarke said. They then exchanged expletives.

“Mi leave and go inside the fête fi go enjoy miself and about three minutes after being in there him come see me,” he continued.

Clarke said he was stabbed several times and had to run in order to escape. One of his friends drove him to hospital.

He received nine stab wounds: three in his side, four in his back, one in his hand and one in his belly. He was hospitalised and placed on a drip.

Clarke reported the matter to the police on Saturday. He, however, feels the police are lagging in making an arrest.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Poor and boasy and queried the incident on Sunday, he dismissed the argument by saying he heard rumours that he was the subject of an attack and not the attacker.

“Mi hear seh dem find mi body a Alligator Pond, seh mi get stab up and dead,” he claimed.

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He did, however, admit to being in the country but did not spare details of the trip.

“Up to last night him deh a one bar a drink. Him deh a Aenon Town more than how him deh a town. Right now, him supposed to deh a Aenon Town,” an angry Clarke said.

“A nuff people see dat (stabbing incident) but de police nuh come arrest him. Right now, mi a pree fi go report it a Mandeville Police station.”

Poor and Boasy was the male winner of the recently concluded Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition.

Source: JamaicaStar