Press release from Barrington Levy Management

A news release was sent to our offices this morning from the management team of Barrington Levy. The release outlines why Mr. Levy’s was arrested.

A copy of the release below:

The real question of curiosity is why Reggae Superstar Barrington Levy is being persecuted when there is a dangerous pedophile on the loose! Samara Cunningham (34) aka ‘Russian’ an employee of Mr. Levy allegedly violated his daughter who is a minor.

The legendary singer was called to the police station on January 7th to be questioned. It is said that the singer’s minor daughter invited Cunningham to their residence while she was alone with a younger relative.

According to an unnamed source, Mr. Levy’s fourteen-year-old daughter sent her younger cousin away from the house to be alone with the thirty-four years old man. The youngster got suspicious of their actions and returned back to the house where through an open window saw the two in a compromising situation.

The 34-year-old Cunningham aka ‘Russian’ then jumped out through the bedroom window and has since then disappeared from the area.

The teenager then fled to the police station and gave the police a conflicting story accusing another young man of the crime.

The accused young man was brought to the police station and interrogated by the police. The frightened young man denied the allegations declaring he did not know the girl’s address. It was later proved that the story she gave the police was in fact false.

The upset father questions why the police are not doing more to find the 34 years old pedophile, who has not yet been brought to charge after three whole days.

At this time, Mr. Levy asks for privacy and time to reconcile with his family after undergoing this traumatic experience.

Barrington Levy Arrested
It was reported yesterday, According to the Constabulary Communications Network (CCN), Levy was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm for an incident that occurred on January 6 in Azan Lane, Christiana, Manchester.

The singer was arrested, charged and also released on bail yesterday. He is to appear in court on January 22.

Full details on the case were not available.

With a musical career that started in the 1970s, Levy has had major hits like Here I Come, Under Mi Sensi, Murderer, Shine Eye Gal and Living Dangerously with Bounty Killer