Raine Releases Another Musical Stinger

(Kingston, Jamaica) – In a climate wrought with tribulation and entertainers being urged to be more socially aware, singer, Raine Seville and deejay, Wasp, have put their voices together in the conscious song, Nutten Nah Gwaan.

The DASECA-produced track which focuses on the life and struggles of many in the ghetto was premiered on Wednesday on ZJ Liquid’s ‘Fresh to Death’ segment on ZIP FM. Wasp, who is known for anthems such as Cry Fi Dem and Unfair Officer has a somber tone as he discusses real life situations to which Raine adds her melodious voice singing, “Nutten nah gwaan/A di word out inna di streets/We have no food to eat/We’re stressed out and tired of begging/We have nowhere to go/But the bigger heads dem don’t know.”


The song was recorded earlier this year by the prolific DASECA trio and their first lady Raine Seville did them proud with her first conscious song. However it was the initiative of Wasp and Raine that got the track off the ground. Raine says, “On my first meeting with Wasp, we expressed our respect for each other’s music and talent and he mentioned the possibility of doing a collab with me which I agreed to. He then wrote the song and we presented it to DASECA, who loved it.”

DASECA aren’t the only ones loving the song as ZJ Liquid gave his praises on air when he debuted it saying, “Me have a Raine Seville and Wasp fi drop, mi rate da song yah and its different from di everyday male and female collaboration wah talk about sex. Big up Raine and Wasp and mi nuh business wah nobody waan sey mi send it a road, play it all ten times – dat mi sey.” Liquid declared the track the ‘Fresh to Death’ song of the day.

For Raine this is another step in exploring her musical versatility and telling the world to expect the unexpected. “I’m extremely happy about it because as I always said in my interviews, I aim to be diverse – to sing on every issue but not beyond my personal boundaries. I haven’t experienced poverty in its entirety but like the majority I’ve experienced hard times due to a lack of resources, plus I have many friends from garrison communities, who I think this song will appeal to,” she said.

The singer, who has continued to make strides since emerging a little over year ago in the business, has been busy doing interviews, performing and working in the studio. Known for songs such as Belly Wine and Drive Me Crazy, Raine has a number of projects in the works. She said, “I have a song on Demarco’s new Premium rhythm called Like I Do, as well as future projects for the likes of ZJ Chrome with Listen, Chimney Records and Rat Trap Music. I also have two videos in the pipeline, one for Nutten Nah Gwaan and one of which will be shot in St. Kitts with some directors from that island, who have expressed their love for my work and interest in working with me. I’m also working with other producers such as Notice Productions for an upcoming collab with Ding Dong and work with Ballaz and Equiknoxx Music.”

Raine’s singles Hold On on DASECA’s Genesis rhythm and I Do My Thing on Razz and Biggy’s First Born rhythm have also been raking in significant airplay.

Hold On can be purchased at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-genesis-riddim/id360833886
I Do My Thing at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/first-born-riddim/id369824347

For further information on Raine Seville please contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Check for Raine updates on Facebook under: ‘Raine Seville Music’ and follow her on twitter at: www.twitter.com/RaineSeville

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