Remy Ma Found Guilty, Rapper Shocked By Verdict

Grammy nominated rapper Remy Ma awaited her fate in Manhattan’s Criminal Court today (Mar. 27) as jury deliberations came to an end with a guilty ruling. SOHH was on the scene as the verdict was handed down.

After being found guilty on four charges, including assault in the first degreeand criminal possession of a weapon – Remy was cuffed and escorted out of the court. As the door closed, she could be heard crying out, “Oh my God,” and a female officer rushed to calm her down.

Remy’s brother hollered out, “This is bullsh*t,” as the verdict was being read. He was also escorted out of the court room. Remy’s stylist cried.

Though the Bronx-bred rapper was not found guilty of coercion and tampering in a seperate nightclub incident, Makeda Barnes-Joseph and her supporters jumped for joy.

The judge denied request by Remy’s lawyer Ivan Fisher, to allow her time at home before sentencing begins.

As previously reported, Remy stood trial for shooting former friend Barnes-Joseph in New York City’s Meatpacking district, last July. The incident occurred after Remy discovered $3,000 missing from her purse and accused the victim of stealing the money.

A sentence date has not been determined but the rapper faces up to 25 years in prison.

Source: Sohh