Richie Loop's 'My Cupp' full of vibes

“Maaad.” That’s how Richie Loop describes the wave of hype being created by his party song ‘My Cupp’ that seems to be on the lips of most Jamaicans these days.

Since the song was released in late February, it has been all over local radio, steadily gaining traction on the party circuit and climbing several charts locally and abroad with stern conviction.

My Cupp was recently at number 10 on the Richie B Dancehall Charts, and number 5 on the Fiwi/ER Charts. It was number 17 on one chart in Toronto, Canada.

My Cupp has also opened doors to the young producer/songwriter/singer from May Pen, Clarendon. In recent weeks, writers from reggae magazines and deejays from both local and US radio stations have been calling, including Jabba from New York’s Hot 97 and Miss Lauren from Atlanta College Radio. Yes, My Cupp seems set to make Richie Loop a star.

“The people say the song is a hit so I can’t say no,” said the disarmingly honest entertainer as he worked on a styrofoam container of soup at Big Yard recently. Dressed in black shirt and pants, his shades perched just above his hairline, Richie Loop sipped on the steaming, hot soup while his eyes stared into space as he was trying to put into perspective how big My Cupp is becoming.

A trip to Ocho Rios during the Easter weekend where he performed at several Carnival events opened his eyes as to how much My Cupp has taken hold within the Jamaican party consciousness. At Beach Jouvert, where he briefly shared a stage with Ding Dong, the massive crowd was enthusiastically singing along when he performed the song.

“People like it,” he said, his normally droopy eyes widening at the memory of the excitement. “I liked that, Star, it was a good vibe. Even Ding Dong was singing along.”

The response to his performance of the song at the Kite Festival in St Ann was even more overwhelming. Robert Livingston, CEO at Scikron Entertainment/Big Yard, said the reaction of the large crowd was wild.

increased interest

The success of My Cupp has also raised interest in a couple of songs that Richie Loop has released between late last year and early 2010. Gal Wine on the ‘Sweat Shop’ rhythm and She Wants It Good on the ‘Brainstorm’ rhythm have now been getting increased airplay since My Cupp took off. Radio stations have even been calling Big Yard requesting copies of the songs.

Livingston smiled when asked about what the success of My Cupp meant for Richie Loop. “You can definitely see that people are enjoying this artiste with a fun party song,” he said. “People are having fun with him.” He also noted that people believed that the song had beeen done by an international artiste.

The response to Richie Loop on the Easter weekend was also a revelation, Livingston said.

“That weekend was definitely an eye-opener as to how people are taking on to the song,” he said.

With word being that an accompanying video of My Cupp is on the way, the signs are looking good for the song during the summer months. “Once they hear it, people can’t help but sing along,” Livingston said. “It’s great energy for a new talent in the Jamaican music industry.”

Source: JamaicaStar