Romain Virgo Raises The Bar In Miami & NY

(Kingston, Jamaica) — Reggae singer, Romain Virgo heated things up at the Best of The Best Concert on Sunday followed by the Celebrity Soccer Match in New York on Monday.

The young star’s set at Sunday’s Best of the Best concert staged in Miami was flooded with his hits including Cyaan Sleep, Love Doctor, Who Feels It Knows It and others. While at the soccer match between artistes and former Reggae Boys in New York on Memorial Day, Romain delivered a stunning opening performance with the Jamaican National Anthem. This was followed by him performing Cyaan Sleep at half time.

romain virgo

Romain who only recently returned to Jamaica from a promotional US tour for his upcoming self-entitiled debut album said, “I had a good time performing and sharing my music at the concert and football match. It was my first time at Best of The Best and I was extremely happy about the reception that I got. I can’t wait for the album to drop and I’m thankful to all my fans for the support which has helped to bring me to this point at such an early stage in my career.”

Another thing Romain’s fans can look forward to, is the release of yet another timeless, well-done single, Be Careful, which was written over a year ago and produced by Donovan Germain on the Penthouse Label. The song, which will also be released on Romain’s upcoming album later this month, pays particular attention to life in the inner-city and as the title suggests, warns young persons about the choices they make.

“Although I wrote the song so long ago, it’s something that is applicable to so many people despite the year. As time passes, some people’s realities remain the same because of where they live and they think they have no way out, but through my music I want to encourage people to stay on the right path and reach for more because success is possible,” said Romain.

Source: Blueprint Publicity & Promotions