Ron Browz on T-Pain's Auto-Tune Diss

With his mega hit record “Pop Champagne” continuing to explode on radio stations across the nation, SOHH sat down with Ron Browz to find out what’s next for the producer-turned-singer.

Known for working behind the scenes on production for major artists like Nas, Snoop Dogg, Amerie, Busta Rhymes and Ludacris, Ron has stepped forward to introduce fans to his own vocal skills.

“It was always in the back of my mind, ’cause as I made tracks for other artists, I always kinda wrote in my mind or rapped in my mind,” Ron told SOHH. “Like different ideas but just gave the beats to other artists instead of using them for my personal usage.”

Admitting “Pop Champagne” helped him land an album deal with Universal, the singer clarified the confusion behind the song’s ownership since it is also Jim Jones’ first single off his major label debut, Pray 4 Reign.

“It’s both our records, like, I had put the record out by myself. It was getting spins, and you know Jim heard it on the radio and asked how he could be a part of the situation,” Ron explained. “We did a licensing deal so he could put it on his album and I can put it on my album.”

Destroying rumors of any beef with T-Pain, who recently called out Browz for his use of the Auto Tune vocal effect on the song, Ron jokingly confessed he had no intention of competing with the singer.

“It was just a joke to me,” Browz said. “I made the record playing around and it turned out to be a hit record. I probably was using it wrong, but for somebody using it wrong, I made a hit record.”

Promising an untitled Universal debut this March, Ron hinted at what fans may expect.

“It’s like pop with a little bit of an urban twist with it,” he revealed. “So far I’m doing the production because I know what I want to hear and when I want to hear it. I listen to different music.”

Source: SOHH