(Rumour) Rihanna & Chris Brown Together? Send Messages via Twitter

Rihanna Chris Brown

Chris Brown and Rihanna exchanging pics? Word is spreading around the Internet, after Brown accidentally sent an “@” message for Rihanna on his public timeline many believed was meant for a private DM (Direct Message).

Over this weekend, Breezy send this message to RiRi: “You got that pic I sent you?”

Once he realized it was sent publicly, the singer quickly deleted the post, but fans grabbed a screenshot quick-like, and it was re-posted to the notorious gossip websites.

What kind of picture Brown sent off to Rihanna was unknown. However, both have been known to send sexy pictures over their phones in the past.

Since the alleged message, both Brown and Rihanna denied it ever happened.

“poeple, dont listen to the blogs. i never @’d @rihanna. stop tryna make a story out of nothing,” Brown tweeted (@ChrisBrown).

Rihanna sent this message (@Rihanna) to a fan after they expressed their disappointment over her communication with her abusive ex: “some women never learn that blogs are not encyclopedias.”

Last month, RiRi fans went bonkers when she began following Chris Brown on Twitter. She, however, felt it was no big deal.

“Its f***in twitter, not the alter! calm down,” Rihanna responded to the backlash.

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