Secret wedding for Tami Chin & Wayne Marshall

Popular entertainment couple, Tami Chynn and Wayne Marshall, will be tying the knot this weekend in a private ceremony.

The couple will be getting married under much secrecy, as the selected few persons who have been told about it have been sworn to keeping information under wraps.

Efforts by THE STAR to get information from persons participating in the wedding proved futile as they refused to disclose anything as requested by the couple.

“We have been told to keep it quiet,” one source told THE STAR. He was only willing to admit that the wedding would take place this weekend.

THE STAR called Chynn’s mobile phones several times but they went unanswered. When asked about the marriage on Monday, Marshall did not deny it, he only laughed and asked THE STAR to call him the following day as he was unable to speak at the time. When he was called yesterday, he said the timing was still bad.

Calls were even made to Chynn’s mother, Christine Chin, who did not say much either. “Whatever is happening in Tami’s life has to come through Tami, it can’t come through me,” she said.

a secret

Sharon Burke, Marshall’s manager and Chynn’s booking agent, was also unwilling to disclose any information about the wedding, as she made a promise to the couple to keep it a secret.

In an interview published in THE STAR on May 1, under the headline ‘Tami Chynn wants out – Universal deal in shambles’, the female singer had spoken openly about their affair.

She had admitted; “Yes Wayne (Marshall) and I are in a relationship. It has been for a long time now and we’re not trying to hide from it.”

Previously the couple had mostly kept their relationship under wraps from the public eye.

tying the knot

When asked about rumours that they were planning to get married this year, Chynn had said no. She however, said that Marshall was someone she would absolutely consider tying the knot with.

Wayne Marshall is known for hits such as I Forgot Them, Marshall In Town and Me By Myself. More recently, he released the video for Good Love, in which Chynn played the role of his companion.

Chynn while enjoying local success for sometime, gained international attention when she teamed up with international artiste Akon and producing partner RedOne in early 2007, releasing Frozen, which enjoyed time on Billboard’s Dance Music Club list.

She also signed on to Pepsi’s ‘Kung Fu Pepsi’ campaign, working alongside Akon and going on tour with seminal boy band New Kidz on the Block. However, this year she parted ways with major international label Universal Motown Records, with which she signed a four-album deal in 2005.

Source: JamaicaStar