Shane O, Sean Paul together on new tune

There is new hope for young dancehall artiste Shane O, as he has teamed up with dancehall superstar Sean Paul for a new single, Girl Territory.

The track, which is featured on producer, Leftside’s ‘Sand Fly’ riddim, was released two weeks ago.

Shane O, whose real name is Roshane McDonald, says he has been working closely with Sean Paul, who is helping to build his career.

“I have been working with Sean Paul. Him a tek care a things fi mi. Wi a roll and him a promote de thing fi mi,” Shane O told The STAR.

“From long time mi rate him an’ him rate mi. We ready fi do a thing together now. Mi an’ him a put in the work fi get the thing globalised. Him a my father inna di business right now and a him a teach mi.”

Doing well

Though there is much emphasis on promoting his new single, Shane O says he has other new singles like Life Gonna Be So Nice, Nutten Dis Time and Stones Broke My Mirror. In addition, he says Crab Inna Barrel, which was produced by his manager Damian ‘Iceman’ Pinnock, is still doing well.

He says he is also working on an album that will be called Naah Go Down. Sean Paul will also be on the album and, he says, he will be doing collaborations with other top dancehall artistes like Spragga Benz and Wayne Wonder, as well as Canadian artiste Jarvis Church.

Shane O is now 20 years old and says he has matured since entering the dancehall scene several years ago. He says he has improved as an artiste, especially in terms of his stage performances, recordings and image.

“Mi a settle onstage now. I can reason with the people, have fun and run jokes onstage. Nutten nuh happen before time. Mi thing a work right now,” he said, while noting that he performed well at the Westmoreland Curry Festival recently.

For now, he says he is focusing on doing reality and ‘girl’ songs. Nonetheless, the public can ‘look out fi anything from Shane O.

Source: JamaicaStar


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