Skystar Makes Winninig Moves From Canada To Jamaica

Fast-rising Canadian-based dancehall artiste Skystar has many reasons to smile of late considering the fact that his “Winning Move” single has been making the rounds on social media as well onto local and international musical playlists. The buzzing single was produced by USA-based label Pandemic Records and according to the artiste he has high hopes of securing a major hit with this single because of its catchy hook and relatable topic. 

“Winning Move is the topic in the streets right now, everybody a hustle to find dem bread and once it is within the confines of the laws of the land and the laws of god then I support that. This song represents for the hustlers and we live in a hustle driven society as such I am very confident about the chance of this song becoming a major hit locally and internationally” stated Skystar. 

Born Ainsworth Rose Skystar was drawn to music from a tender age and despite taking other career paths at various points in life he always returned to music as he simply could not avoid his gift and passion. The Mudtown (Patrick Gardens) native says lived with his family in a one-bedroom board structure with no running water and electricity and would often have to hustle in the market to make ends meet. Things got worse before it got better, as the house was burnt down by gang members and so at only nine years old he started going back and forth between family members.

“Music was my escape route because growing up was tough which made me into the man and artiste I am today. I knew the street would accept me because I am from the street so I can actually tell stories that the street can relate to. As a ghetto youth money is the motto as such we always making winning moves with that in mind” Stated Skystar. 

Currently Skystar is enjoying a major street and social media buzz in Jamaica while his “Farrin Badniss” Collective is dominating the Canadian dancehall underground music scene. His latest single entitled Winning Move is currently enjoying regular rotation on local and international radio. 

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